Tuesday, April 8

So it's been a while...

These past few weeks have been extremely busy with...just life, I guess!

And since Andrew is in crunch time, I rarely get a chance to take over the computer and our laptop wasn't picking up the internet for a while. Thankfully, that is fixed now & I am back in connection with the world!

Spring break was wonderful! Though it definitely passed way too quickly! I got my spring cleaning done, tried a couple of new recipes (maybe will post those later), and spent a fun day at the outlets with my friend Becca. I still had to work at some of my jobs, but was thankful to have a couple of free days!

homemade mac & cheese, very good!

A nice little perk of fedex...twice in the last 2 weeks Andrew has come home with fresh flowers from a shipment that was rejected! Yeah for free flowers! A guy that works with Andrew saw the flowers and said, "oh, yeah, just what I needed"!! (he probably didn't mention they were free to his lady!)

I know they look almost the same, but one was tulips (my fav!) & one was...I'm not sure.

So excited that we are only 18 days away from the end of Andrew's semester! We are busy planning out the details of our NYC trip!
A strange thing happened this past Sunday... 2 days before, the school that our church meets at called to say the building would not be available due to a power shut-off. It was too late of notice to find something else, so our church ended up being canceled for the day. It felt very strange to have a "2nd saturday"! It turned into an extremely busy day though...our Pastor asked us to meet in small groups and fellowship with our church family in some way. We had a brunch with our fellow "southside" church friends. Andrew played golf with a bunch of guys while I went to a recital that I had to attend for work, and then we had a coffee date with some other church friends. So we definitely got in our fellowship time and it ended up being a very good day!

Question for fellow bloggers...
I have been getting comments posted by people I do not know asking me to clink on links, etc...Has anyone else has this problem?


Anonymous said...

Sounds great, when are you guys going to NYC? Oh, and aren't fresh flowers great!! I was given some at the last musical performance from the studio, and they brightened my table so much, I just might keep getting some!! We'll see.

I'm not sure how your blog controls spam comments, but mine blocks them separately, so that I don't even have to mess with them.

Anneke said...

Tulips are my favorite too! And yes, I get those same comments. Wierd.