Wednesday, July 23


We made it through the big weekend! We are so thankful to be in our new rented home - it is such a blessing. We are loving all the space! I know our families are anxiously waiting for pictures, but you'll have to wait a little longer. Our home internet won't be connected until August 1st - if you're wondering, that's why we've been out of touch with the world!
For now, here are a couple of pics from the move.
Our friends were such a great help and did such an amazing job - we cannot thank you enough!!
The truck at half full point - did I mention it was at least 100 degrees?? it was so hot!
here is our Chesapeake group that loaded the truck - yep, it's full!
Thanks jordan & sue, seth & bethany, matt & amanda, stephen, & izaak!
our Virginia Beach group with the EMPTY truck!
amazing job - ian, wes, john, frank, stephen, & ed! unloaded in 1 hour 15 minutes flat!

Everyone worked tirelessly in the sweltering heat and we rewarded them with popsicles - aren't we awesome? :)

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