Tuesday, May 19

miss you, grandpa.

I have been blessed to have several sets of grandparents and even great-grandparents as a big part of my life. I realize how lucky I am because Andrew does not have any living grandparents. Up to this point, Graham has had 5 living great-grandparents! How thankful I am for each one of them in being a part of my life.

My grandpa Kenny has been battling cancer for several years now, and today that battle ended. We are very sad and will miss him very much!

these pics were taken a year and a half ago when his cancer was in remission and they were able to come visit us at the beach!

my grandma has tirelessly cared for my grandpa through this entire period.
grandma - I love you very much. You are a rock for so many people.
We trust God's sovereignty.

How deep is Your love,
how high and how wide is Your mercy.
how deep is Your grace,
my heart overflows with praise to You. (SG)


Kristin said...

Sorry to hear about your grandpa passing. Praying for you; please let me know if I can do anything for you! A meal, play with Graham, clean, whatever.

Seth & Bethany Heijermans said...

Ditto what Kristin said. What you've said about your grandparents really makes me want to seize the time with Seth and I's grandparents.

Jordan and Sue said...

I'm so sorry. I remember all too well losing my 1st grandparent last April, and it's so hard, especially after such a terrible illness. Praying that you will find comfort in Christ during this time!

party of eight said...

sorry for about your sweet grandpa. love you kelly and i am praying for you.


Anneke said...

So sorry to hear about your grandpa. Have a safe trip this weekend and we'll be praying for your grandma and you too.

juliechall said...

I hope your trip goes well...I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa! It's so hard to lose them - even when it may be expected! Take care,