Thursday, August 25

august is rushing by

wow. 2 weeks since my last post.
Well, no one seems too worried. =)
We have had quite an eventful last few weeks and will continue for the next 2 weeks. After that, I believe things are going to slow down a bit. Of course I always think that will happen and I'm not sure that it does.
 Many things to be thankful for {namely: some perfect weather, a long stretch of healthy kiddos, several date nights and good times with friends}!
Also very grateful for my kiddos who remain their
happy-slightly-crazy-selves always. :-}
One of Graham's recent favorite things is to pull out his drum full of instruments post-lunch-pre-naptime and we have music time. Eden's faves are the maracas, tambourine, and clacker. Graham likes the cymbals, triangle, and anything he can beat with a drumstick. It's a noisy half hour. =)
Andrew & Graham are also loving the Home Depot workshops that happen on the first Saturday of every month. If you have little ones, you should definitely check it out!
Graham is doing a little better at playing with Eden.
 i.e., not just pushing her over for fun. :-/
and yes, she is wearing shiny, satin pink shorts on a Monday, because that's how she rolls. :)
But some of the brotherly torture will always be there.
borrowing Mr. Potato Head's specs.
We've had a few cool, fall-ish days, which felt amazing.
Playing outside with a little hat & jacket was perfect.
We've spent a lot of summer evenings
hanging out on the front porch!
Apparently it was a brown kind of day.
And who took this pic? Kristin?! :)
Our local riverboat cruise line asked me to come check out one of their kid's cruises
(to promo for the Momtourage).
Why, certainly!
So we headed on board for the Macaroni & Magic Cruise!

We had the most perfect weather!
I love summer evenings!

I have seen my husband express a lot a wisdom over the last few weeks and I love him even more for it.
the plan was that she would fall asleep.
9:30pm. hmmmmmmm.
We had a great time ~ enjoyed a yummy buffet, and fun magic show!
Definitely recommend the Gateway Clipper Fleet when you're in the 'Burgh!
We did feel the earthquake this week. Very thankful it didn't end up being destructive.
Thinking of our beach friends this weekend as Hurricane Irene moves in. 
And hoping that it doesn't damage the condo that we're headed to in OBX next weekend! 

And that's the latest.
Happy weekend to you all! 



cranny + b said...

you all HAVE been busy! I hope you have a restful time away next weekend..... sounds like we need to catch up with you guys soon.

thanks tons for your note and for the link to the invites--sure wish I would've seen those for Graeme's 1st birthday party;-) oh well. . . .

Kristin Blumer said...

Yep... it was me :) :)
hope to see you soon!