Monday, October 15

Must be all the carrots they eat...

But we have blown by 1/2 birthdays and in just 4 months we will have a 4 & 2 yr. old!
 Ah, Eden.
She is spittin' out new words all the time. Right now every word is yelled in exclamation:
Wow! Yay! Read! Ride!
My favorite words to hear her say are shoes & juice because she makes her lips all squishy. :)
One of her new faves is Ow. She seems to get a lot of "ow's".
She always wants to go outside and she loves to read books.
We're in that constant teething phase.....yuck. She has eight teeth, 2 molars and since her entire fist has been in her mouth I'm guessing there are more coming. Fussyness. Not my friend. Sigh.
She loves to help me unload the dishwasher and brings me all the plastic wear piece by piece. Then I set out all the sippy cups and she puts them in the drawer - great fun! 
She loves to copy Graham. Graham had just had me take a pic on this wall, so she lined up for her turn. :) Copying an older sibling does have its advantages & disadvantages. She goes in the potty - big advantage. :) We tried underwear for about 4-5 days, but after going thru constant wetting, I decided to hold off for a little while longer. However, I do still put her in on the potty all throughout the day, and she always goes, so I know that's a big hurdle already passsed.
She loves to go ni-night - also a favorite word. She's a great sleeper and no fussing at sleeptime. 12+ hours at night, usually a 2 hour nap.
She has learned the 'sympathy cry'. If Graham gets hurt, she comes up, gives him a hug and starts fake crying. It's hard not to laugh, G is not usually amused. :)
Re-paving the street - a full morning of entertainment!
I'm not sure if he's about to ambush her with a pillow.....
 or just squeeze her until she smiles. :)
They do have fun together most of the time!
Graham's new obsession is coloring. And by obsession I mean he can spend hours every day doing it! He even has a giant blister on his finger from coloring so much. Seriously.
 We have been doing the Kumon Books as kind of a 'structured learning' time. He loves them. He asks to do his schoolbooks every day!
I am so thankful for libraries. We go every week and G gets 5 books & 2 movies. He is then set for the week and has a constant new rotation - it's so great. He currently loves the Where's Waldo books, but is also into anything with dinosaurs.
 Every day he puts a picture he colored in the mailbox for dad to get when he gets home.
You see his D-A-D......... amidst the scribbles. :)
One night he insisted on sleeping in his new reading chair. :)
It's hard to look cool when......
I love that he is so affectionate. Every day he says a random 'I love you, mom' or 'You're the best cooker' or 'Dad, you're the best dad in the whole world' or 'Mom, I love this'. He is very loving. :)
My favorite word that I just can't correct him on is 'o-tay'. Recently I was explaining something to him and he says 'O-tay, I understand'. He finally changed from saying 'Braham' his whole life to 'Graham'. Kind of sad, but poor kid should be able to say his own name. :)
He is a good helper. He can clean his room or the living room spotless. Seriously, it's so great when they can be of actual help instead of just tornadoes of destruction! He also can fold the basket of cloth diapers for Eden and puts away the silverware from the disherwasher. He likes to say, 'I did a great job'. =) He also LOVES to help me bake. He is going to be a champion banana bread maker one day. :)
He loves going on special dates with mommy or daddy.
I recently found this Woody doll at a consignment sale and he absolutely loves it. He loves Toy Story. He's like a real-life Andy the way he carries it around sometimes.
He is always cracking us up.
 He's our cool cat. Tattoos and all.

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