Wednesday, May 15

a few fun things.....

So for many that kindly ask, yes, the house is very, very quiet! I've almost reached the point where I can talk about the kids without crying. Almost. It's been 2 weeks today since they left, but in many ways almost seems like it was much longer. It has been nice to get back into our normal routine, when the kiddos came, most of life came to a standstill and our regular activities weren't an option. I managed to keep the Pgh Momtourage running, but it was definitely the bare minimum. :) Through some marketing events for the Momtourage, we recently got to preview some fun things happening in Pittsburgh!
Enter: Sky Zone. Sky Zone is the original trampoline park and the one place where it is totally acceptable to have bouncing-off-the-walls fun! Our trampoline park offers open jump, a Foam Zone, 3-D Dodgeball (when available) and the SkySlam basketball court. My kids loved it and I'm telling ya, it was a serious work-out! I played a game of dodgeball with some cameramen & reporters who were there as well, and we were all dying after about 10 minutes. :)
The foam pit was fun, it's actually best for little kids. It was quite funny to see a reporter get stuck in there and seriously couldn't get out for about 10 minutes. At least I thought it was funny. :) It also produced some awesome hair for G!
And for local friends, there are a few more days to enter my giveaway for free jumping passes! Go here to enter.
 We also have the Pittsburgh International Children's Festival happening here this week. The week includes an incredible line-up of Petting Zoo, Crafts, Face Painting, Al Mazing Magic show, Children's Theatre, Live Music, Weird Eric Magic show, Interactive Musical, Roving Art Cart + so much more. But a big attraction will be the exciting interactive Art Exhibit ~ Exxopolis ~ lit only by the sun! We got to walk through it before it was open to the public and G & E loved it. See more info about the Children's Festival here.

 We took a little walk after to a favorite dinosaur (whose neck gear randomly changes, it was pink tuille today!). They decided to "clean" him with dandelions, hope he enjoyed his bath!
 I love the University of Pitt campus/Schenley Plaza (where the Festival will be held), and such a beautiful time of year with fresh leaves! The kids also enjoyed a noisemaker booth, that should be fun for hundreds of kids all week. :)  

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cranny + me said...

Oh, just been thinking of you so much. Hope your heart is healing. I cannot imagine. Praying for you, friend!