Monday, August 26

The Big First {for mommy & daddy too!}

We've entered.
The school calendar will now rule our lives for the next 20+ years. :) 
We had one very excited little guy!
 Many moms talk about the emotional torture as they prepare to send their child off for the first time. Maybe there's something wrong with me, :) but I truly felt only excitement for him! We were very much on the fence about preschool. Not sure if we would send him or if it's necessary for everyone, but this boy loves to learn. And we felt he would thrive in a new learning environment. Especially with having various foster kids in & out of our home which can create seasons of chaos, not to mention having a lot of little ones competing for attention, I knew I could not count on having devoted time to lessons. We were so happy to find a school that did 3 day / half-day. So he will go from noon-3, M/W/F. This school also has half day kindergarten which is a big bonus for us. I love the slow transition before going full day in 1st grade. I guess I'm not totally ready to send him off. :)
It's hard to wait until after lunch when you're so excited. 

{ Just so mommy can join the party, I was heading to my first parent orientation.} 
His teacher comes so highly recommended and she is fantastic!  She also has a full-time aid which will help with the energy that is 11 boys & 3 girls in his class. :)
I love that he gets to do music, art & gym classes each week as well. 
Because school will do that to ya.
{And sometimes only your sister's sunglasses are in the car.}
We love you, Graham, and we love to see your excitement as you learn & grow! But most of all we pray that you....
...grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. 2 Peter 3:18


Katie O'Neil said...

awww sweet little buddy!! yay gman!

Kristin Blumer said...

awww... my little boy is growing up so fast! so excited for him :)

The Lesters said...

He looks so grown up! Love all the pictures. So glad he had a wonderful first day. And there is nothing wrong with you. I was not sad either when I sent Isaac off to preschool. =)

cranny + me said...

Kelly! Your thoughts about preschool are so similar to what Steve and I thought through with our Graeme! So thankful for these wonderful opportunities for our boys!

Also, I was very excited, too : ) Not one tear, just so happy for him!