Monday, December 3


Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes, either through calls, cards, emails, or facebook! I had a very fun day - it was so great to have a Saturday birthday!

The day started with breakfast in bed!

At lunch, he revealed a cake that he had gotten up at 6:30 to make!

it was very good! (it was even a double-decker)For dinner, we went to one of my favorite restaurants ~ Macaroni Grill

Thank you to my wonderful husband, who always makes celebrations special!

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Amy Habegger said...

Cool name :-)!! I love the way you made your blog Christmasy - how did you do that? We've been pretty busy here as well. We are having a Living Christmas Tree on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that I'm singing in and Phil's ushering, so we have had lots of practices and rehearsals for that. Have a very Merry Christmas!