Tuesday, December 11

Christmas activities

We have had 2 of the busiest weeks of our year between last week and this week! On Saturday, a lot of my students played in 2 different Christmas recitals, I am so relieved to have that done! Then we went to a special Christmas production on Saturday night and then to Coldstone! (FYI, you can sign up for free birthday clubs at Coldstone, Baskin-Robbins, & Red Robin and get free stuff on your birthday!)

This week is finals week for Andrew and he needs a big prayer! He has a huge hebrew exam, a LOT of reading, and a couple of large papers that are all due this week! But yeahhhh - we're almost done with another semester!

This Sunday we have a special Christmas presentation that Andrew & I have helped put together. It involves our choir, orchestra, children's choir, various other musical groups and readers giving a special presentation of the Christmas story. We are hoping everything comes together well on Sunday morning and will be able to give a deep sigh of relief when it is over!
Then, we actually have a whole week to relax and breathe before Christmas!

My students who performed on Saturday

free Coldstone! Cooke Doughn't You Want Some?!

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