Monday, December 8

cookies, recital, decorating and more...!

It's hard to believe we fit it all in one day! It was a crazy one.
Saturday morning began with a church girls gathering and cookie exchange.
Andrew is greatly enjoying the benefits of that.
This was my leftovers that I left for him -
shortbread cookies & rocky road fudge!

my goodies ready to go.

came home with these 4 dozen goodies!

I also made homemade caramel corn for the 1st time,
wow, was it good!!

After the cookie exchange, Andrew & I headed to Portsmouth for my piano recital. These are 20 of my students that I have been teaching at the music academy for the past several years. It's hard to believe, but I only have 2 more weeks of lessons with all of them. When we break for Christmas, I will not be going back there to teach. So it's a sad time to leave all of my little "ducklings"! However, I am more excited for my new job of stay-at-home mommy!!
After the recital, we headed to one of my favorite restaurants...PF Changs! It was my birthday last monday (thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!), but instead of going at 9:00 on monday night after Andrew got off work, I opted to wait for the weekend. Which I am so glad I was a great dinner and I didn't have one eye on the clock thinking about my bedtime!

And then it was on to home...time to Deck the Halls!! I have never gotten my Christmas stuff up this late...but it just couldn't be squeezed in any sooner. I am just so glad it's done!

My first Li Bien ornament that a student gave me - so pretty!

I have always wanted a bannister to I have 3 floors of railing!

I also love to have 2 trees! This year was the first year we were able to get a real tree! We love it! I like to decorate my main tree in a red/gold theme. But we both have so many ornaments from our growing up and I also get a lot of ornaments that are as my friend said, we have the "kid tree" and the "adult tree"! I love them both!

the "kid tree"

bringing home the big one!

where it stood for 2 days "naked" until we had time to dress it!

and then we rested!


Sean and Charis said...

Wow, Kelly! Your decorations look beautiful! Just like the magazines!

jeileenbaylor said...

ahhhh - so much fun! I love your Christmas tree and other decorations - beautiful! Oh - and P.F. Changs is my absolute favorite as well! If we have something big to celebrate - I almost always choose to got there :)

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Nice decorations! You are in the 8 months of pregnancy as well!! Getting close!

Nate, Kris, Adrianna and Natalie said...

Congrats on almost being done with lessons! I remember missing it once in awhile, but it doesn't even compare to the fun of being a mommy. I know MaryAnn and everybody else will miss you there. Hope these last few days go well! Can't wait to see pics of baby Graham!