Thursday, December 4

Reason to Rejoice #7

that number sounds heavenly right now. Today Andrew completed semester #7 of his current seminary degree. Since this degree happens to be an 8 semester course, that means only ONE to go!!! I praise God for his diligence & perseverance during these semesters. though at times the stress & busyness has affected even his health & his sleep and he's had to pass on things that he'd rather be doing... God has always given him the grace to take one more day. And somehow it always gets done! So...AMAZING JOB babe, Graham and I can't wait to celebrate with you the final semester on May 3rd!!
7 down, 1 to go!!
Enjoy your winter break from classes fully!


skB said...

CONGRATS!!! to Andrew and to you Kelly! :)

That picture of Andrew is so perfect for this post!

We are rejoicing with you:)

jeileenbaylor said...

ahahah - what a encouraging feeling! We are graduating in May as well -- so nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel, right?

p.s. LOVE the sneak peak you gave of Grahm's room - so cute!