Thursday, December 3


They say they change so fast...but goodness gracious, THEY CHANGE SO FAST!
The past 2 weeks has been one of those times of very noticable changes.
>We are gradually leaving behind the "cry as soon as a stranger talks to me" that we went through for about a month. thank goodness for that! still a little shaky on older men though...
>I'm not sure if it was the teeth or what, but the beginning of month 9, we seemed to have a Mr. Crabby on our hands more often. But little Mr. Sunshine seems to be back, big smiles, giggles & all. We're so glad. :)
>Top 2 teeth are coming in!
>He enjoys waving [at himself], not into doing it to others yet. :)
>His new favorite thing is giving hi-fives!
>His energy level has cranked up about 5 notches! (I don't need to tell you my work-out routine!)
>He has lots of new noises - ones that sounds like hmmmm.... and huh.... and oh......... and a noise of surprise. He's becoming very expressive!
The past few days, he has become like Mr. Octopus climbing ALL over me! I was try to get a pic of him waving and I was ATTACKED!

2 things that have become his mantra in the last week or so: BUSY and FAST!
He is everywhere and gets there fast!
It's hard to get anything done in the kitchen, so I sometimes resort to a barricade! He then stands at it and looks longingly at me....or tries to sneak through it like this -

He actually pushed this chair from the table to the corner!

And then crawled in behind it....

Could he get any crazier????!!!!
He seems to love all foods EXCEPT eggs & cottage cheese at this point. I'm most surprised that he doesn't even make a sour face at oranges or kiwi! He is enjoying eating a lot more table foods and I am so thankful because it's so much easier for mom!
Here he is FINALLY playing nicely with his toys! He stacked all these things on the stool and then took them all back off. That's the first time I've seen him do something this methodical!
As I write this he is busy playing with daddy and giggling hysterically...nothing in the world better than that sound!
We are also working the beginning stages of learning to obey....sometimes he obeys perfectly and sometimes he acts like we don't even exist. What a stinker. :)
"Children obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord". Col. 3:20. He is starting to hear this verse already!
He whacks his head on a wall, floor, cabinet or something about 5 times a day. Usually only cries for one of them!
He is our full of fun, cuddly, [yes, sinful], sweet, determined, bundle of energy!
Happy 10 months old, Gman. :)


JordanandSue said...

What a fun, busy little boy! I love seeing him look at you like a sad little puppy on the other side of that barricade! CUTE. He sure is looking more like a toddler!

Anonymous said...

I just love it that he waves at himself! Love the pictures of him with the chair. In the second one, he looks like he feels a little guilty for pushing it. What a cutie Graham is!

Jessica Gardner said...

So so cute - thanks for the update :-)