Sunday, December 20


This is the scene we awoke to on Saturday morning! It was so beautiful!

Saturday evening we headed downtown to check out some of the holiday fun! We always love downtown, but at Christmas it is extra special!
There is a skating rink around the big tree, Christmas music was being pumped out, and the snow was continuing to couldn't have been a more perfect winter night!

Next to the skating rink was a big indoor display of gingerbread houses and Santas from the around the world.

They were also offering free horse-drawn carriage rides. I figured the lines would be too long, but when we went to check it out, there was actually nobody in line! So after a short wait for the carriage, we were on board!
Welcome to your first winter, gman!
(he's not super impressed!)
I hate being cold, I hate being cold, I hate being cold.........
One of the reasons I was dreading being back north for winter.
However, this night gave me such an appreciation for experiences we have missed the past 4 years. It gave a renewed thankfulness for how God places you right where you're supposed to be and has a way of making you content as well!
So, despite still being cold, :) I am really thankful to be right where I am this winter and thoroughly enjoying the beautiful snow in my home, sweet, home.


Katie Barker said...

I can't believe you got a free carriage ride! How awesome. Also - such a great picture of Andrew and Gman by the tree.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!