Thursday, September 2

beach fun...gone too soon

We are about halfway through our vacay and having a wonderful week. However, at the moment we are sitting in Whitakers, NC (at Andrew's parents) instead of our beachfront view of last night. This morning we were informed that all visitors were being evacuated from the Outer Banks due to hurricane Earl. So instead of 5 days at the beach, we had a little under 48 hours. However, we would much rather be safe and know that hurricanes are NOT something to take a chance with! So, we are #1) thankful to be safe and that we got out before the major traffic crunch and #2) thankful that, unlike a lot of vacationers, we didn't have to head home early, we just had to change the location of our vacationing and #3) thankful for the time that we had there, it was beautiful, relaxing, and due to the storm, the waves were amazing!!
we have never seen so many surfers there!
G was a little scared of the waves. notice the death grip on daddy's shirt!

this is when we first started noticing that G was a little under the weather. (the watery eyes!) the last 2 nights his fever has climbed to 104.7. Still praying that he will be back to 100% soon. 
the beach air is definitely exhausting!
We still have 4 days left and are looking forward to seeing lots of friends in Virginia Beach this weekend. The only bad part, is that by coming back to Whitakers, we added about 5 hours of drive time, so by the time we arrive back home, we'll have put in about 26 hours of drive time! Graham is doing great traveling so far, but I'm a little nervous about our last 8 hour stretch when we finally head home!
We also have greatly enjoyed listening to Seeds Family Worship, which we bought for Graham on this trip, but Andew & I are finding ourselves continuing to play it just because we like it! The songs do have a tendency to get stuck in your head! But since they're straight Scripture songs, it's not the worst thing to have running thru your head like


JordanandSue said...

Sure looks like a fun 48 hours! Sad for you guys it couldn't be longer :( We're sure looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of days! Hope the rest of your week can be relaxing as Graham gets all better. BTW, we're enjoying Seeds Family Worship, too- Their "sound" really annoyed me at first, but now I'm eating my words and listening to them ALL THE TIME :)

kellyH said...

it's so true Sue! the first time we listened to it, I totally thought we had wasted our money! but as we kept listening, now we are loving it!

Melody said...

Oh that's too funny about the music! That particular cd plays in the girls' room for naptime, and I ALWAYS find myself singing it after I put them down. I love it, though, because Juliana is getting really good at remembering the words - so it will be worth it!

the johnson crew said...

great pictures.

LOVE seeds family worship.