Friday, September 10

I really should unpack....

11 days. 15oo miles. 30 hours in the car. one hurricane. one flat tire. I don't think we will forget this trip!

All in all, it was an amazing week. We had such a good time hanging out with Andrew's parents, both at their house and at the beach, and then at their house again. :)

Graham did SO well with all the car riding. I was so thankful. Not that he didn't have his "moments". But usually the worst occured right before he conked out! Due to the flat tire, our 8 hour trip home turned into 12 hours. But the important thing was, we got HOME, safe and sound. It felt very good!

We had such a good time in VA Beach. We knew it would be great to see so many good friends there, but we really didn't realize how great it would be! It was really encouraging to be surrounded by them, even for just a weekend. We didn't sit down for the 2 days we were there! But our hearts were really refeshed.

This week is full out recovery mode. Except I don't feel like I have the time to recover! I had baby-sitting one day, momtourage the next, helping friends move the next day, company coming on yes, my stuff is still strewn all over our room and I am relying on my hubby to be very patient with me. :) Maybe I'll get to it next week..................

I am feeling great! I think the 4th & 5th months of pregnancy are the absolute best. I am 17 weeks and we find out next friday whether it's lady jane or mr. john. Oh, that's my favorite part of pregnancy for sure! I can't wait to name sweet baby! This poor baby is so seriously deprived on documentation compared to graham. :) I do have a post planned for you, little one, I promise!

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the johnson crew said...

welcome home. sorry you had to deal with a flat tire.

wow, you are one busy mamma... putting others above yourself.

Glad you had a good trip.

Blessings, janelle