Friday, June 10


Happy 4 months, Eden Hope!
Eden is such a happy & peaceful little girl. We love to see her smiles! She gives them to mommy, daddy & G the most readily, but others can sometimes coax it out of her. :) I've heard a few short giggles. Baby laughs are the best!
Her newest favorite thing that she has discovered is squealing!! She can let out some piercing ones and she loves it! She also likes to have "conversations" with me and can be very chatty. 
 I love our chats.
my sister's idea...why didn't I think of this before?!
G & E are starting to interact with each other a lot more. He will now stop and try to play with her in passing. She usually is quite amused by him! I still have to protect her somewhat. He likes to squeeze & poke her, I don't know why!
She just started sitting up in the exersaucer. I love when they move to that because it keeps them so fascinated! She's gotten to that stage where she doesn't enjoy her playmat as much because she wants to be UP and seeing all the action! Graham likes to spin her & pull her around in it. Sorry Eden, you're in for lots of action with this big bro. =)
She is a snuggler!
 I'm not complaining. =)
with her cousins, Livi & Lexi
with aunt katie
{and I can't get enough Babylegs!}
Very excited that I got 6 free pairs thru a promo with Snuggle Luv!
She chews on her hands & fingers (and anything else she can snag!) nonstop.
Lots of drool & bubbles. :)
She is a very easy & laid back baby by day and her nights are getting much better! I just looked up Graham's 4 month update and it was funny that I had written that his night sleeping had just clicked for him too at this point!
I finally discovered that I needed to make her skip that 4th nap. She doesn't always like it and sometimes if we're taking a walk, she sneaks it in :), but overall, that seems to have made the difference in her sleeping longer at night.
I decided that after vacation we were going to try very hard :) to drop that 5am feeding. I tried one morning and only made it to 5:30, but the next few days she decided to sleep till 7 on her own. Oh blessedness!! To have a full night's sleep back after 4 months is a wonderful thing! I know many moms have to go much longer, so I am very thankful.
You are our sweet gift from God, baby girl!

photos courtesy of my sister!

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JordanandSue said...

What a pretty girl!! I am so glad she's stretching that morning out for you, too :) How nice!