Wednesday, June 15

the move

well, you may have heard the buzz....we are moving {across town}. Our current lease ends June 30th. We had hoped to re-sign, but several factors kept that from happening. A big one is that Andrew's job, which is currently about 10 minutes from us was moving out to a suburb. Because we only have one car, he takes the bus in the morning and then we pick him up in the afternoon. With his new location, a bus ride would take over an hour. We had hoped to negotiate a few things with our landlords on our current place, but couldn't come to an agreement with them. So that being said, we had started looking for a place out near where Andrew's job will soon be located. It was pretty discouraging to think we were maybe going to land in a 2 bedroom apartment for a biggest fear - no laundry of our own. And where would we put our current appliances, bikes, you name it....but just when I was about to despair, God provided in an amazing way. Oh me of little faith. :-/
He has provided us a full house with a HUGE backyard!! We are so thrilled. We currently live in a cement jungle, and while we LOVE our location, something about having little ones running circles around your kitchen table, makes you really, really, really wish for some grass. :)
We are also excited that it has a separate guest area, complete with a full bath & balcony over-looking the yard. We typically have quite a few guests and most of them have very politely put up with the fact that you have to walk through our current bedroom to get to the guest area! So now, guests will have their own space & privacy. *Make your reservation....dates are already being taken!
So, we currently have less than 2 weeks to pack everything. Thankfully I am married to super-packer himself. :)
Our move date will be next Saturday, June 25th.
You might not hear much from me...............I'll be packing. :)

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Kristin Blumer said...

Dibs on the guest room! :P