Tuesday, September 27

oh sleep. I miss thee.

So it's been a little brutal in the sleep department around here. Of course, if I went to bed at 7 when my kiddos did, I could be getting much longer stretches here. :) I do believe a certain little girl is teething. Last week she decided she needed a 5am feeding again. This week she decided, no, it needed to be 2am instead. So I feel like I've gone back to newborn stretches of sleep. UGH. We've had a couple of mornings where she's gone till 6, so hoping we're past the worst for now!
And then there's Gman..........the boy who slept for 12 hours without a peep for 2 straight years is suddenly finding it necessary to get up almost once a night. Sometimes it's a bad dream or a drink of water or something else of great importance.
I usually don't agree with its urgency. *wink,wink. 
The other night I had fed Eden around 2 am and then could.not.fall.back.asleep. Boo those nights.
 2 hours later, I finally dozed off....5am Graham comes wondering into our room in need of............a kiss and a hug.
oh my.........can you really be mad about that?
Women constantly say "oh these are the best years....I wish I had them back....savor them................" I will admit when I haven't had more than 6 hours of straight sleep for 8 months, it makes me a teeny bit crazy. =)
But then you have these moments...........and I know exactly what they mean.
  • The other week Graham comes up beside me, puts his arm around my shoulder and says, "you're my best friend." I don't even know when/where he learned that phrase.
  • Yesterday he came up and gave me a huge hug and said "I love you". The first time he has ever done that uninitiated.
Yes, my boy.........you can still melt me in an instant. :)
And you, my girl, are still as sweet as ever! 
I am reminded to be so very grateful that I have tears to console, noses to wipe, diapers to change, kids to wake me up at all hours.
These precious gifts from God are also a daily joy.
Does anyone else ever get choked up singing You Are My Sunshine? The ending seriously takes my breath away. I guess that's the mom in me.
Thanking God for his grace & mercy.
And my hubby for understanding when the crazy-i-just-want-to-sleep-lady comes out. =)

And dear Sleep, when you're ready to be friends again, I'm here.

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Jessica Gardner said...

I'm so sorry about no sleep! Since our boys share a room here we are having issues too! and potty training hasn't helped b/c he needs to get up and go. they are waking up earlier and earlier :(
Hopefully it's a soon passing season for you!