Thursday, September 29

the summer is fleeting..............

I do love the season of Fall.
Pumpkin spice lattes (I'm making this one at home in my crockpot!),
jeans/boots/scarves (my favorite combo),
 trips to the pumpkin patch,
and, in the words of Graham, cozy snuggles.
But I am also SO sad to say goodbye to warm sunny days.
Here's thanks to very beautiful months of August & September.
thanks to Kristin for grabbing the camera & snapping. :)


Katie Barker said...

Love the way the sun comes in that picture of you and Eden - so classic!

jeileenbaylor said...

ok - I really want to try that pumpkin spice latte in the crockpot! Did you make the whole batch?

kellyH said...

thanks Katie. I know, you can't plan those things!
Julie - I just made the 2 cup (milk) recipe, it JUST made enough for 2 good mug-fulls. I might make a little more next time or try a bigger batch for having company. Let me tell you though, it was delicious!! Having real pumpkin in your pumpkin spice latte is amazing.