Friday, August 17

Eden: 18 months

Yep, our Eden-girl is officially one-and-a-half.
6 months till she turns 2, so hard to believe.
She is into some serious imitating these days.
She does the computer like a pro, doesn't she? Hasn't managed to erase anything yet, but she did turn off the computer. twice. while I was in the middle of something.
She's my best don't-even-think-about-sitting-at-the-computer check,
she does not like it!
She's a girl, of course she likes (anyone's) shoes.

She loves to play with trucks & cars, I am assuming because that's what she sees her brother playing with.
Rockin' the moose....and the look.
Wearing Graham's shorts......
We finally managed to drop morning nap in month 17. I would have never thought she would go that long. But it is nice to have free mornings again!
She loves to be silly & crack us up. Her new goal is to see how many silly faces she can come up with.
She can sometimes be very finicky about what she will and will not eat. Standard snacks like banana bread or string cheese she won't touch. Eggs or cereal - no. She eats oatmeal most days for breakfast now, but I think she's getting tired of it so she is going to have to learn to like something else! Pizza  - nope! Like Graham she chows fruits & veggies like they are going out of style. Of course, I am very happy about that. But getting my kids to eat meat? It's hit or miss!  
We often go for evening walks after dinner. One sweet older couple in our neighborhood always offers them freezepops if they're sitting outside whenever we walk by. The first time neither of my kids had any idea of how to eat them (I was embarrassed!). Is it bad that I went out & bought freezepops? I decided unhealthy or not, this was an American kid tradition they should know. :) So now they're totally hooked. And pros. Of course.

We are so happy to hear more & more words from baby girl. We started with the B words - baby, ball, book....but are now moving into flower, potty, more, milk, car (wawa for some reason), bear, thank you. Of course at this age new ones come often.
It's funny at this one word stage when their words can sound quite demanding.
ball, ball, ball!!
more, more, more!!
Yes, potty. She asks to sit on the potty all the time. I do let her, but so far nothing has happened. She does not like to have dirty diapers and definitely lets me know when she needs to be changed. But I don't have any desire to dive back into the potty training world again! Should I just let her sit and see what happens?
She is easily bored which then turns into fussiness. I think this is more a girl than boy thing. Sometimes I feel like the fussing never stops. She doesn't entertain herself very well yet so unless she has my undivided attention she may not be happy. But then there are those moments when she & G are happily playing so well together. Agh, so nice!
It's fun as she's able to take in more & enjoy more things as she gets older. She definitely has a strong will and is one determined little lady!
But she is still as sweet as can be and we wouldn't trade her for anything in the world!
Love you, Eden Hope!

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cranny + b said...

so funny about the freezer pop thing-- Steve just bought Graeme some for the first time this week! I keep forgetting to let him try one-- I will try to remember to give him one after rest time today. He will be ECSTATIC! :)