Monday, August 27

my first { very colorful } 5k

The much anticipated Color Me Rad race was finally here!
It was so much fun. I enjoyed being there with lots of friends and a mere 10,000-15,000 other runners. :) They said it was the biggest CMR race they had ever had. That being said, traffic ended up being a nightmare. While we thought leaving an hour and a half early for a (normally) 30 minute drive was sufficient, we were still sitting in stop & go traffic 2 hours later. But the CMR people were very laid back and cool about it and let everyone run as they arrived. 
Seriously, if this event is coming near you, you should do it!
Our past month has been so full that I barely had time to do any training. Good thing it was only a 5k. I think I had run about once a week. So this past week I called on some dear friends for favors and was able to run both Thursday & Friday mornings. That being said, I was a little sore after running 3 straight days by Saturday night!
So glad I could run with my friend Bethany. :)
 The "paint" is non-toxic, gluten-free colored cornstarch. During the run they had 5 stations set up where volunteers pelt you with the powder. 2 of the stations were also spraying colored water which was interesting. The course was much more hilly than we anticipated, but hey, I guess it is Pittsburgh. It would be hard to find a course anywhere without some hills.
I was amazed at how many kids participated. There were lots of strollers being pushed and since kids under 7 were free, there were a lot of them! One of these days I'll talk Graham into getting dirty. I'll probably have to wait for Eden.  :)
The finish line was the blue station which is why I think most people ended up looking blue.

 Like father like son.....I don't get it. And don't touch me. =)
 This girl of course wanted in on the fun.
 I'm not even sure how this happened!

 If you have to be stuck in traffic for 2 hours, it might as well be with these people. :)
{photo credit: Graham}
He comes out with the camera: Get togeder, guys.
 photo credit: CMR
Yep, I will do it again next summer hopefully!
Who's with me?
Check out their race schedule here.

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