Monday, November 19

a boy and his hero

I'm sure it's probably cliche' to say every little boy's hero is their daddy. But we have certainly seen the hero worship kick into high gear recently. Every day last week, Graham wanted to dress like daddy. His outfit of choice was: a t-shirt with a button-down shirt over it, jeans, and casual dress shoes. Sometimes he'd add a scarf draped around his neck and if he was pretending to be dad leaving for work, he'd add some head gear.
Pretty good mimic, I'd say. :)
Last night at the table G says, Dad, I just love copying you.
Before bed, Andrew says to him, Love you bro-dog.
Graham says, Love you bro-cat.
Occasionally we'd ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up just to see if he said anything funny. Up to this point he has insisted he wants to be nothing but a little boy so he can play with his toys. I hope he stays in that moment!
But recently, he has determined exactly what he wants to be: a daddy.
I hope and pray he grows up to be the man & daddy that his daddy is to him.

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