Thursday, November 15

Aunt Katie's visit

Always so, so happy to have my sweet sister here! We had a really sad week for weather due to Sandy, it rained every day. And she specifically came during Halloween week and both our Momtourage event & other Halloween events were all post-poned till after she left. So that was sad, but we were so thankful to be warm, safe & dry when many were facing the devastation of the storm. So we can only give thanks.
Katie basically follows us around with a camera, so this is more like a sneak peak into our days. :)
know anything about that pile of dishes left behind you on the floor?
who, me?

apparently it was a red & yellow kind of day.
Eden gives the best hugs & snuggles

 This is how our baking happens. Graham is helping roll out pizza crust and Eden is eating something out of the bowl. :)
 she loves to jump!

ready for bed after bathtime


 using nurse Katie's fun equipment
 getting my ears checked. Thankfully, I was deemed healthy.

 still in training, obviously. :)
Any moms ever get to eat their full snack?
The vultures sweep in! I think I salvaged about 3 of my own apple slices.
 watching his first 3D movie from the library. Which was 13 minutes long.
Who makes a 13 minute movie?!

 I happened to be doing a promo for the circus the week she was here, so yay! Free circus tickets!
 Thankfully they are still good with eating an apple & banana for snack when the snow cones & cotton candy are passing by. I'm sure my days are numbered. :)

 The sweetest shot.
She & Graham were having a tea party and she stopped to pray over it.
Earnestly. :)
 Graham got this snack for him & daddy - milk in the mug and cheeries in the bowls. :)

  Graham helping in a demo at The Science Center.
 Graham participating....Eden staring awkwardly.

We miss you, Aunt Katie!

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cranny + b said...

Aw! Love these! I so miss my sister-- we are way overdue for a visit!