Monday, February 18

Our little one is 2.

Last Sunday, February 10 was Eden's 2nd birthday. We see her leaving babyhood behind and becoming a strong, independent little toddler. Emphasis on I like to do things my way. :) She is spunky, feisty, and into everything, but cracks you up in a second with her hilarious faces & goofy charms. The other day I was getting frustrated because she was touching everything! And as I began to scold her, she broke out in this crazy dance. I could only laugh. I think God knew I needed that moment. :) I love to hear her sing-song words o-kay, (th)kank-you, mom-meeee?
I wish I could capture all her funny faces!
She is chattering more & more these days. She's always asking where "Gray"(ham) is. She has a naughty streak just for fun....discipline doesn't seem to faze her over it. I guess all we do is stay consistent and pray for patience and wisdom. :) All day she asks when we can go buh-bye. Apparently our house is a little dull? She loves going to church. Her main passions in life right now are coloring (lolor, lolor!) and reading books. I try to hold to the rule that anytime my kiddos ask me to read to them, I will stop and read. She likes this rule a lot. :) Her fave book is Moo, Baa, La La La and it's cute to watch her sit and read it, she seriously has it memorized. She loves to copy Graham. She eats very tiny amounts most meals. Like Graham, she would prefer to exist on only fruits & vegetables. Thanks to her big brother she has picked up the word "ew" a whole year sooner than he did. :) And boy does this girl have a sweet tooth! I don't think candy or ice cream was in Graham's vocab until he was about 3. She brings up one of them at least once a day. And most days is disappointed. :) She loves to sing and we love to listen to her funny little songs. We discovered a few months ago that going to sleep with music playing helped her stay in her bed. And now she sings herself to sleep.
She loves to get a blanket and snuggle. She is our snugglebug! 
It is very difficult to get her to play. Seems like she spent an awful lot of the last year fussing because she was bored! But slowly she is starting to play a little more on her own and with G as well. Happy day! She loves playing games on my phone...however it only takes about 30 seconds for her to hit a button that backs her out. :-/ Graham is teaching her how to play angry birds. And it cracks me up to hear a barely 2 year old say angry birds! The TV is very rarely on when she is awake, so the few times I would have liked for her to sit and watch something, she loses interest after about 2 minutes. I guess that's not a bad thing, but I wouldn't mind having that option occasionally. :)
She loves her football shirt. :) And love, loves her daddy.
She finally has enough hair to put in a ponytail, but her brother still has her beat. :)
Some pics snapped by Aunt Katie at her birthday party!

Keepin' it real.

We love you Eden Hope and are so thankful God chose to put you in our family!

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