Friday, February 22

Snowman Par-tay

I know I'm super lucky that so far I only have to plan one birthday party a year! Graham & I had fun looking back through his previous parties last week. Even though he doesn't remember year 1 & 2, he still thought they were pretty cool! This year, the right theme just wasn't coming to me...and then out of no was snowmen! It was a fun theme, and gracious, so, so easy! You can do a lot with cotton balls & marshmallows. :) This was probably the easiest & lowest stress birthday we've done! Since we don't have family nearby, (although we were SO excited that aunt katie flew in for the weekend), Eden got her 2 friends, and Graham had 4 friends. It's so convenient that 2 of Graham's friends have little sisters. :) We were excited to include some of our neighbors this year who Graham plays with outside all the time. And his buddy Zephyr (from our Momtourage group), they've shared each birthday together since they were 1!
What to do with leftover invitations that you'll never use again?
Make a welcome banner!
I will have to share my sweet potato cupcake recipe very yummy!
The kiddos had pb&j snowmen and the adults had sloppy joes.
We had just enough snow to go sledding in the backyard - love being able to do an outdoor activity, even in February! And then they wrapped Andrew in TP like a snowman.
*Note to self: expect that using a marshmallow centerpiece will result in it being half eaten. :)
A fun day and thankful for the friends that made it special!
{and thanks to Katie for the pretty pics!}

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