Sunday, July 14

Vacay: Stop #1

Ah......summer vacation. Is there anything better? We've been looking forward to our summer vacay all winter! The funny thing is, we just didn't know what it would be. But our plan was to take a week in June and we were keeping our eyes open for the right deal/place to come along. And it did. :) After booking a hotel for our friend's wedding we were offered 3 free nights in Myrtle Beach! Did we have to go to their time-share speech? Yes. Was it worth it for THREE free nights, yes! So we weren't sure if we would pay for some extra days to extend our week or how exactly it would work. But after Andrew's uncle passed away this spring, the family planned a small family reunion for June. So we ended up building that into our vacay week as it was on our way to Myrtle Beach anyways. So since I have way too many pics from both places, first post is for family weekend.
We were excited to have the 7 cousins together! Mama & Papa's house has such a great backyard, everyone enjoyed being outside most of each day.

 The Texas Hughes got to come and Eden & Sarah became buddies. :)

 The big cousins.

 I started noticing that Graham likes to be the funny boy in pics. Oh dear... :)

I'm starting to wonder if she's getting her mommy's curls....
 Big patio with a huge overhang....perfect for this slightly rainy day.


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