Sunday, July 14

Vacay: Stop #2

So after a few days in North Carolina, we finished our way to the beach!
Graham sure enjoyed a big bed to himself + 4 pillows.
I think this is the last year we can squeeze Eden into a pack-n-play for travel!
Breakfast in bed + cartoons, definitely vacay!

 G & E loved the beach & the hotel pool equally, I think!

 Our hotel had an amazing continental breakfast included and we brought lunch food, so we only had to do dinners out. Found this cute café, Lulu's Café, and all four of us loved our dinners, so we count that as a big hit. :) Of course with all the beach air, the kiddos had great appetites!
 Out on the Boardwalk.

Back to the beach!
 Boy did they love sitting in the surf!
One night we headed to Broadway at the Beach, definitely one of my favorite spots in MB! Conveniently, our hotel was across the street. There were so many family attractions from paddle boats to mini golf to kids rides to museums to restaurants to shopping + more. We let the kids each pick 2 rides to do. Our non-adventurous Graham chose to do this trampoline, which was very surprising. I think he was a little shocked by it, but had fun!

Graham practicing his photography skills.
Eden seeing if she can escape while she has the chance. :)

Balloon souvenirs passed on to us, a big hit! We were thankful our hotel had beautiful grounds and was a great spot for us. Did I mention we ended up adding another day at the end because it was just too short? :)
After a last night stop at Krispy Kreme, it was time to head for home. We drove through the mountains of WV for quite a while, they were beautiful! However, combined with dvd players, we had our first experience with kid car sickness. Both kids threw up once, a couple hours apart. So that was a little excitement, but other than that, it was smooth driving all the way home!
So thankful for God's provision of this time of respite, for providing a way to save money, and a beautiful time away as a family.

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