Thursday, January 31

Andrew's Birthday

Andrew celebrated his 26th birthday on Tuesday. Unfortunately, between school and work there was not much time to celebrate! But we did manage to sneak in breakfast, lunch, & dinner together - which never happens, so that was a special treat!
Being a good southern boy, his favorite is peeee-can pie, so that was his birthday cake.

Unbeknownst to me, the candles I had grabbed from the drawer were magic re-light candles. the dumb things would absolutely not go out. They were sparking all over the place, I thought we were going to set the house on fire! But it was funny, because I had no idea either!
this was after trying to blow them out for 5 minutes!

This was the first gift I made for Andrew back when we were dating (for the 1st time:) in '03.
It obviously is past its prime.

One of his gifts was a replacement! I even got the stripes straight amazingly!

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partyofsix said...

you are such a wonderful wife.

the pillow turned out really nice... and that peee-con pie looks pretty good. (cracks me up.)

oh kelly, i can't believe that all this time you have had a blog!

love you,