Tuesday, January 15


We had a wonderful trip to Minneapolis. It was so good to see my family and some of our friends. We loved the beautiful snow and the winter activities we got to do!
My computer is not letting me load very many pictures on to this site, so I'm just putting a few highlights and you can view the rest of the pics through this link -

Beautiful Snow!
a definite highlight was snowmobiling!
downtown with some of our friends!
My nephew Jack - definite chick magnet!
family pic - unfortunately we were missing my brother Andy who was catering for a wedding
brother Sean & wife, Charis, with their 3 kids, my parents, brother David, sister Katie

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partyofsix said...

kelly, that is such a nice family picture. - i am glad you had a nice trip. it was so fun to get together and see you guys! thanks for working it all out.