Tuesday, January 1

Done for the count...

Christmas weekend we seemed to have picked up some sort of virus. Christmas night I came down with it hard and Andrew followed about 24 hours later. 7 days later we are still fighting it! we have missed work, church, new years party, and are very tired of being sick! This morning we went to the dr. and the diagnosis was that Andrew's was viral, can't do much for it. I have a sinus infection and was also given cough medicine w/ codeine. :) I have had to sleep sitting on the couch the last few nights because I have terrible coughing spells if I try to lay down. So...I am ready to sleep (bring on the codeine!) and since antibiotics seems to be wonder pills, we are hoping to be 100% very soon! We leave for Mpls. this Saturday, so drugs, please work quickly!

We have started a small pharmacy in our bathroom!

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journeyer said...

Hope you feel better very soon! Have a great time in mpls. Enjoy the snow for all of u :)