Thursday, March 20

Happy Easter

One of my favorite things about Virginia is the trees that bloom with flowers.
They are so beautiful, though they do not last very long!

the sky was so blue here! I didn't even digitally enhance it!
We are excited to celebrate Easter this Sunday.
We have a great service planned at church.
We love & serve a God who is ALIVE!
Behold the Lamb

Behold the Lamb
Silent before His accusers
As thorns are pressed into His brow
They lift Him up
Oh see the spikes that hold Him
Redeeming blood flows down
But look again
The cross stands empty now
And He is risen

Behold the Lamb
Carrying all our transgressions
He freely takes our place
Endures the lash
The mocking and the laughter
Of those He dies to save
But look again
The cross stands empty now
And He is risen!

Behold the Lamb
See Him crowned with glory
Behold the Lamb
Cast your crowns before Him
Crying Holy Holy is the Lamb.

Mark Altrogge © 2000 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)

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