Monday, March 3

I am feeling spring!

I have decided that winter is officially over and I am sincerely hoping I am right! Saturday was the first time in several months that we've been able to get out and just enjoy being outside! We plan to spend every second we can (translation: our saturday nights) outside from now on .
We spent the evening in downtown Norfolk, enjoying the water, and seeing some very cool neighborhoods that were built in the 1600's. There were even some original cobblestone streets. We hadn't seen this part of Norfolk before, and it was just great to spend a couple of hours outside and not be freezing!
(I know those of you in the north are thinking we're big wimps, and I have to say...yes...we are!)


collavoce said...

I agree!! We were finally able to play outside with Caleb this weekend, and it was great! But today it is in the 30s.

party of eight said...

wow, sounds wonderful. it is so cold here. i can't wait for it to warm up.