Monday, September 29

Long Post!

We ended up packing a lot into this weekend! We didn't even realize it would be so full, but it was very profitable and a lot of fun.
Is it the End or just the Beginning?

This past week our Pastor had to go out of town and asked Andrew to preach for him at our church on Sunday. As I came into Andrew's office on Saturday, I was pointedly reminded of one thing...though we are very excited for Andrew to graduate in May, this is a picture that I'll be seeing all of my life! There will always be sermons to prepare, lessons to teach, new things to study....and I am glad he enjoys studying so much! (though I will still be excited when classes and projects are finished. :)

We have begun the process of doing the baby registries, so also on Saturday we went to Target to officially register for baby Graham! We are registering at Babies R Us & Target and while it is a lot of fun to start picking things out, it very daunting trying to weed through the hundreds of products that are thrown at you as "necessities"! Does he need a crib? Probably...does he need something that takes 16 batteries to entertain him? I hope not... :) I had been doing some things online, but wanted to see what they had available in the store and also have Andrew be involved as well. (He wasn't nearly as in to it as when we did our wedding registry!) In fact, by the end he was about hyperventilating at all the baby gear and prices! He has deemed that Graham should be just fine sleeping in a dresser drawer for the first year, and that I should be able to carry him around in a sling until he's 3 years old instead of buying a stoller. (Please pray for me :)
We had planned on just registering at Babies R Us, but several people have commented to me that they have Targets readily accessible, but not Babies R Us, so we're doing both. And while I tend to like Target products a little more, I am also finding that their in-store selection is very limited. They have a great range of products, but a lot of them are available only online. So we'll see how it works...
Speaking of brother David sent this adorable MN Twins cute!

He now has 3 outfits, and 2 of them are MN related!!
After a long day of studying, Andrew decided to relax a little and build a small sand sculpture. (At least that is what he wanted me to tell you :)
Realistically, if he was building one, it would look more like this one done by a local elementary school. :) :) Actually, it was the annual Neptune Festival Sand Sculpting Contest. "Professional Sand Sculpturists" come from all over the world to create these works. What was even more amazing this year, is that for the 2 days leading up to this, we had been hit by a good nor'easter and been pelted by rain and wind for 24 straight hours! We still don't know how they still managed to create these through that!
So, we asked this lady to take a picture for us, but apparently we forgot to mention that we wanted more than just MY ARM in the picture!
ok, Take 4...she finally got us. :)
On our walk home from the sand was a beautiful night. And yes, I did trek about 5 or so miles for that walk! I think my days of 5 mile walks are over for the next 4 months. :)

On Sunday evening, instead of a church service, our church split everyone into small dinner parties. So we closed out our weekend by hosting a dinner for 9. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures, but we had a great time of fellowship with several families from our church. There was a southwestern-style meal, good conversation, Kimberly's delicious tres leche cake, and lots of laughs playing Taboo!


skB said...

Kelly, you look so adorable!!! I'm sure you had a great time registering at Target! Thanks for giving me a heads-up on where to get your gift;)

Mark and Stephanie Stonis said...

Your post had me laughing--it also brought back images of Mark "trying out" the strollers by racing them around the store as I pretended I had no idea who he was :) Fun times! We also made the 5 mile hike to the sand sculptures only to discover that we needed a blindfold for Victoria! I love your blog template by the way!