Tuesday, September 2

weekend in Pittsburgh

This past weekend we were able to spend 4 days in Pittsburgh. It was wonderful to get away for a little trip and also see some good friends. For those of you wondering how we picked Pittsburgh, let me give you a brief summary.
This past spring/summer, 3 family units from our church moved to Pittsburgh to start a brand-new church. They had thoroughly researched the area and found that the need for good churches there was very great. They have now been there for a couple of months and things are just starting to take off. Their next priority is finding a building to meet in. For now they are meeting in a home, but hopefully will soon find an outside source to meet together. God has already started to bring new people to the church! We were so impressed with everything we saw regarding this new church. The team is solely focused on Christ building His church and it was exciting to see how God has already met their needs and we pray will continue to do so. Our biggest prayer request for them right now is that Adam (one of the pastors) will find a job (since the church cannot afford to pay him yet), especially one with benefits. Also, that God would provide a meeting place for their church. Joining this church plant is something we are prayerfully considering after Andrew graduates in May.
overlooking the city at night - isn't it beautiful?

have you ever had a sandwhich with meat, fries, and coleslaw all piled on? This is Primanti Bros. and that's how it is! The tradition started for truckers who were on the road so they could get their meal all in one piece!

Stadium where the Steelers (Pittsburgh gods!) play
fountain at Point Park
at a Pirates game! this is our fifth stadium that we have been to. We love visiting baseball games all over!

with part of the Pittsburgh group - Dan, Adam & Adrianne
Sunday - meeting in the Joyce's home

cookout after - Marshall is always hilarious!

we had such a great weekend and thank the Pittsburgh team for being so hospitable and gracious, and taking the time to walk us all over the city! We never thought of Pittsburgh as a cool, trendy, fun city...but discovered that it is a very neat city and actually reminded us a lot of Minneapolis. We know that whether we end up there or not, God is using that team in a great way and we are excited to see what He is going to continue to do.


Katie Barker said...

Hey Kelly,
Glad that you guys had a good visit, the city indeed does look "cooler" than I had imagined! Thanks for the update on the church plant.

Keara said...

Kelly!! Thanks for posting pics! I'm so excited that there is a church plant going on in Pittsburgh! What a blessing. That city needs it. I'm glad that you thought that Pittsburgh was "cool." Did you know that it was rated #1 on "America's Most Livable City" list in 2007? Strange, but true! :) Anyways, it'd be cool if the Lord took you there after Andrew graduates in May. We're kinda in the same position, too - we're not quite sure what May is going to bring, but it's exciting! :) Much, much love!