Monday, October 20

A cozy weekend

Our temps dropped from 85 degrees to 60 degrees between thursday & friday. I was so glad! I love the cooler weather. It was a little rainy as well, and so it was a perfect weekend to stay inside, go nowhere, and enjoy a little break from dashing everywhere during the week. it was a good weekend for cooking & baking! Friday night started with homemade tortellini soup, and we had fresh chocolate chips cookies on Saturday (what can I say - Graham was demanding them :)

Saturday night we caught up via the internet on all the SNL election sketches that we have missed. If you haven't seen them - they are hilarious!! Though they probably aren't as funny if you didn't see the debates. Here is one of the funniest from when Tom Brokaw was the moderator. You may know that he kept cutting off the candidates which was annoying that night, but SNL made it so funny! If you haven't seen it, you have to check it out!

Saturday I also spotted this coupon on - for those who like a good expresso drink - free cappachino at Barnes & Noble now through Oct. 31st.

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jeileenbaylor said...

oh we just love SNL! Those skits are just hilarious, aren't they? I am loving that they are doing them on Thursday nights too :)