Monday, October 27

Fall Fun

On Saturday we finally had time to go searching for some "fall stuff'!! We found some mums & pumpkins for our front and a couple of little pumpkins to carve. Neither one of us have ever carved pumpkins (!!), so we decided to start small!

I finally found a good basil plant! I tried to grow one last year and I am terrible at the whole garden thing! So I am hoping this one will work because there is nothing better than cooking with fresh basil.

ready to go...

seeds ready to be toasted with sea salt & cinnemon

can you guess whose is whose?!!

yep...the boring one
definitely...the wacky one!

sharing the love... :)

1 comment:

skB said...

I love the last picture of you guys--so fun!

Steve and I have yet to carve a pumpkin together as well. . .we have a nice plump one sitting on our porch that we hope to carve this week:)