Thursday, October 23

Do them good...

It has been an interesting last couple of days...while I cannot complain at how well I have felt these last couple of months, 2 days ago one of the "minor inconveniences" of pregnancy hit me ~ BACK PAIN!! I'm not sure if a walk with my weekly walking partner triggered something, or I was on my feet too much...or it just happened! But I felt like I had a knot the size of a softball in my lower back. Wednesday is the only day I work 2 jobs and it ends up being a 12-hour work day. So I had called my dr. to see what I could take or shouldn't take or do or not do, etc... she said to lay down and put my feet up...right...not going to happen on a Wednesday!!
Anyways...I have a point in sharing this and it is not to elicit sympathy AT forward 2 days, after a lot of heating pads, some tylenol, and massage it is feeling much better! did get me to thinking...
The girltalk blog this week has been talking about that lady we love to hate, the Proverbs 31 woman! They have been encouraging us women to make sure that we are doing good to our husbands, all our days. This was such a good reminder to me, one that I easily forget. Check out their postings here.
But in the middle of my "uncomfortableness" it got me to thinking of all the ways that my husband does ME good! And I wanted to say a special thank you to him for them. To name a few...
*running upstairs to heat up my heating pad when you want to get in bed
*bringing home take-out when I just can't make dinner that night
*keeping our cars running in tip-top shape and figuring out how to fix things yourself which has saved us so much money
*keeping track of all our budgeting & expenses and being such a good SAVER
*helping me clean our now huge house
*bringing me home my favorite treats
*making our weekly dates a priority
*loving God with all your heart, soul, & mind
*indulging me in baby registry trips (which bore you & panic you all at the same time!)
and there are many more...but thank you to my favorite husband!! You make life so fun! xoxoxoxo


skB said...

Well, that was weird--I just started leaving you a comment and it erased it!!

Anywho. . .I was saying what a nice husband--and thank you for the reminder from the girltalk blog--I too have enjoyed reading those posts lately. I thought it was witty how they said "the lady we love to hate" :)

Wednesday is my long day as well---so I will try to remember to pray for you especially on Wednesdays!

So, if Andrew is your favorite husband, how many do you have?? :)

party of eight said...