Monday, March 16


This weekend was SO encouraging. God was so gracious in giving me multiple blessings these past few days, which he certainly did not have to do.

1. thursday night I was very sick & friday I woke up with a 101 temp. how can THIS be a blessing? well, Andrew ended up being able to stay home from work that day and besides feeding Graham, I just rested and he took care of everything else. it was like a vacation. you'd almost think I was "faking it" except that thermometers don't lie. but I may fake it in the future if it's that nice. :) haha, just kidding, honey. but seriously, you are the BEST.
(also SO thankful that Graham did not get whatever little bug I had)
2. we have been working and working to get Graham on a set schedule and with Andrew home with me for 3 days in a row, together we finally conquered!! I now know every day what time Graham will eat, be awake, and sleep. and can I tell you that I love that!! it is wonderful freedom knowing that we have a schedule down. it allows me to teach my piano lessons without a screaming infant interfering. I got the laundry done in one day like in pre-babydays! and our baby is the happier & healthier for it.
3. we were able to have several friends over on Saturday night and what a blessing it was to hang out with them, laugh, and learn.
4. Graham slept 7 hours straight on Sunday night!! it was unprecented, unexpected, extra rest for mom and how thankful she was! I think it might just be a result of not getting his full naps on Sunday because of our church schedule, so I'm not counting on it happening tonight, but it was wonderful then!
4. Graham begin to consciously smile & giggle this weekend. how special!
here's a couple of videos (mostly for the grandparents sake :)
and no, we don't really let him watch tv! we just have this ginormous remote which is funny.


skB said...

oh that is so wonderful! I am so glad! 7 hours!!! Keep it up Mr. Graham!! :) Thanks for Saturday--it was so great. . .must do that again soon:)

jeileenbaylor said...

aww- so precious!!

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

congrats on the schedule! It makes all the hard work worth it, doesn't it? And also...bit congrats on teh extra one but new mommies can quite understand just how amazing 7 straight hours is!

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Those videos are is so much fun when they start smiling and laughing and such!! Glad things are going well for you.