Friday, March 27

a special visitor

My sister Katie got to come visit us for a week over her spring break! We had SUCH a fun time, she is the BEST sister!! She also helped with Graham (I actually got a nap this week!) and she did lots of dishes! We are SO sad to see her leave and will miss her so much. G-man LOVED his aunt Katie - she is so much fun!
We got to make these special Beignets
(donut mix that Andrew brought back from new orleans.) so de-lish!we had so much fun, but boy were we tired. :)
Actually, I don't know why HE is yawning, he still had his regular nap schedule. :)
what a little man!
She made us do a V-A for virginia. she's a nut!

Graham had his own personal photographer for the week!

it was NOT warm & sunny like it's SUPPOSED to be this time of year, but we briefly got out to the ocean.
so sweet!
love you sister!

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Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

That is awesome that your sister got to come and visit! Looks like you had a great time!