Friday, March 6

on our own

We want to wish a big congratulations to Andrew's brother who is getting married on Saturday!Unfortunately that means that Andrew is in New Orleans for the weekend and Graham & I are on our own.
yes, graham, that's how I feel too :)

I have to say such a huge thank you for the friends & young moms that God has surrounded me with. This past week I started teaching again and I had several friends (Holly, Ruth & Jamie) from church come & help me with Graham for this first week. Also, everyone has been so kind in offering whatever assistance possible this weekend while Andrew is gone. it is so great to know that these are friends I can call on anytime & they genuinely want me to take them up on their offers (which I have and I encourage other new moms to do as well!) They have shown me how to be a good friend and especially how best to help out other new moms. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all moms who have been such a help & encouragement to me during this new phase of life. God is good!


party of eight said...

what a blessing

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

so glad you are doing well and have lots of support around! When I had Titus and Ezra....I felt so alone and forgotten I am glad you are feeling encouraged and loved! You are doing a great job adjusting to life with a newbie!