Wednesday, April 1

an average day

Graham is such a big boy that sometimes I forget how little he really is!
He was patiently hanging out in mommy & daddy's bed while I folded laundry.

He seemed to be enjoying himself!


skB said...

aw! What a cutie!!!

Leah said...

Just happened across your blog. Totally adorable! You have a beautiful family! God Bless You

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

He is so cute!

jess said...

Kelly, oh how I cracked up reading your blog a few weeks ago when you had woken up in the night in some kind of funk - that was so us during those first few weeks! We were absoultley dilerious... waking up in total panic several times during the night is he here is he there? Is he awake, asleep, alive?? Am I?? Ha,ha!! The milk machine never sleeps!! Glad to hear you've gotten on to a scheuld it makes a world of diffrence! We're looking forward to meeting Graham, he's sooo cute!