Tuesday, April 14

Need Your Help

Many of you know that I have volunteered for various things with the Crisis Pregnancy Center the last few years. I have been so blessed by this ministry. Even though I have never faced an unplanned pregnancy personally, I have been able to speak with lots of women who have. Their stories are sometimes heart-breaking and many have faced abuse, forced abortions, no money, and most of all, no love or support system in their lives. This is where the Center steps in. They provide pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, vitamins, maternity clothes, baby items, childbirth/parenting classes, and that support system that each women needs, all FREE of charge to these women. Many lives have been changed and babies that were headed to the abortion clinic have been saved, by God's grace! Each year the CPC holds different fund-raising events to raise their support in order for them to continue to provide all of their services for free.

This Saturday I am participating in the Walk for Life. I am currently raising donations, not a per-mile pledge, but just one-time gifts. This has been a hard year for the CPC. Donations are way down and previous donors have had to drop their support because of the affects of our current economic situation.

Cash is tight for almost everyone, and the cash we do have, we are tending to hold to a little more tight-fisted in case of that WHAT IF situation. (I know, because we are too!)

But would you consider even a "small" donation? $10...$5...$20... every little bit counts!

Donations can be given quickly, safely, and easily through my online fundraising page.
Please visit it and consider making a donation.
Many women & babies would thank you!!

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