Monday, April 27

done. complete. finished.

10 pm Sunday night, he sits cranking out his final reading!

4,300 pages read? check.

book of Hosea translated into Hebrew? check.

150 pages of written work? check.

and yes, that was just this semester!

apparently, the translating was done from Hebrew into English. I didn't know there was a difference, but now I do!

"we" are done with seminary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we look forward to graduation on Sunday!

take a nice long nap, babe, you deserve it!!
we are soooooo proud of you.


akhughes said...

For those of you who noticed it, no, I did not actually translate Hosea into Hebrew. It was the other way around. I translated the Hebrew text of Hosea into English. hah! The other way would be incredibly difficult!

skB said...

um, I didn't catch that detail, Andrew!! All I know is that I am so happy that Steve has joined you in the rank of being done with seminary! ! !


Jordan and Sue said...

Woohoo! Congrats to you both! Now on to the fun stuff.... :) -Sue

Sean and Charis said...

Way to go, Andrew! We are so happy for you guys! Can't wait to celebrate with you soon!

juliechall said...

yippeeeeee...I love this feeling! Too bad Rob's already talking about the next degree...

jeileenbaylor said...

Yahoooeee!! I am so happy for you guys! Enjoy some time together :)