Wednesday, April 22

Seminary Wives

Last week I attended my FINAL seminary wives get-together.
(these are some of the faces of friends! yes, I took these from your facebooks! don't hate me :~) I wish I had time to put everyone's pic - so sorry if I missed you.
One of the most encouraging aspects of seminary for me has been interacting with the professor's wives and other seminary wives. They would hold monthly get-togethers and I always loved getting together with this group of ladies. Some years I could participate more than others because of my teaching schedule and I wish I could have attended everything!

It was encouraging to mingle with the other wives because most of them were at the exact place in life as Andrew & I were. Most had gotten married and moved here for seminary. So those first few years we were all adjusting to not only seminary life, but married life as well. As we neared the end of our time here, many of us either recently had babies or are expecting to soon! So we had many pregnancy/labor/mommyhood stories to relate!

Learning from the faculty wives who have served with their husbands, not only through seminary, but doctoral work as well and then as they went on to teach at seminary was also wonderful. These women can understand what it means to be married to a life-long studier more than anyone!

So I am so thankful for all the wives who have impacted my life here and taught by example how to love your husband and children, exhibit graciousness and patience, and continually put others above themselves.
I hope these are lessons I will not forget and that God will continue to remind me of my time here and what I have learned.

I want to encourage other wives who are still in seminary to thoroughly enjoy this unique opportunity you have to be a seminary wife. Encourage your husband, let him know that you are happy to be in this journey with him. He needs your full support! Don't wish the time away, but embrace what God has to teach you during this time.

That being said...I am THRILLED to be a post-seminary wife!! Praise God for his graciousness to us during these four years.


Bethany said...

Love this post, Kelly! It was great to see you and hear what you had to share! Congrats on completing seminary with Andrew!

S said...

Congrats to you two for being done! It seems like you all just got there and it went by so fast (of course it does for everyone else right?) We look back at our seminary time with fond memories of learning, being mentored, and great fellowship among our peers.

jess said...

Horray!! You guy made it!! I agree what a special night it was -I'm always so refreshed talking with those ladies too! I will so miss it. Thanks for sharing - see you Friday night!!

juliechall said...

Kelly - I totally agree - thanks for you comments even that night - I think it has made it such a sweet experience to share in what Rob is doing and not just be and "ignorant side-kick" :) I also have enjoyed the sweet fellowship and look forward to continuing these relationships in the future. I'm so happy for you guys and your next step!