Monday, April 6

family date

It was a beautiful, sunny 80 degrees on Saturday (not to rub it in to anyone who may still have snow :) but we took advantage of the beautiful day and spent some time at the park.
love this brilliant white tree!

I was talking to this nurse who was totally against Babywise scheduling and was telling me how those babies are underfed and end up in the hospital because they are mal-nourished.
I have two words for her...Graham Owen. :)

he is not sure what's going on here...
getting more ok with it...
Because of other things we had going on that day, Graham was totally off his schedule. He has been so smiley & happy lately, but Saturday was not one of those days unfortunately.
come on baby, smile!
he's not crying...we'll take it!still a fun time with my boys!


jeileenbaylor said...

aww- that is so sweet! It looks like you guys had so much fun!

suzanne said...

Love Love Love that boy! I could just eat him up! I can't believe how smiley he always is. I love seeing all your pics. Trying to get Charlotte to smile is like pulling teeth. She's not very emotional! Graham is so cute, though! I just want to squeeze him!

Sean and Charis said...

What a special day! Graham just keeps getting cuter every week! LOVE his outfit... what a little man!

Anonymous said...

Kelly--These are great. I had to laugh at your two words "Graham Owen" : )

jess said...

I'm lovin' that park! Looks like such a great time together!!

I totally cracked up when you said "Graham Owen"!!!