Saturday, July 25


This is a beautiful building to us! because it is the site of Andrew's first JOB! It is the home of Citizen's Bank where he will be working on the 22nd floor, taking in-bound calls in a type of call-center. He has another job in the works that would definitely be a much better situation both in pay & hours, so we are still praying that will work out, but in the mean-time, we are accepting this! We thank God for providing and trust him to continue to do so. MANY people have prayed for this, and we thank you for joining us in that request.

our neighborhood

One of our favorite parts in the city is the Strip District. (Isn't as raunchy as it sounds :) It is a beautiful street filled with all kinds of markets & shops. The produce & meat selection is awesome, with better prices than I paid at Wal-mart!

Life has been pretty crazy busy since we've gotten here just with getting our home settled and also getting adjusted to our new community and beginning to be a part of our new church. We are loving it. The church group here is small {so far }, but it is a very tight-knot group and there is a BIG vision. There is much to do in the city of Pittsburgh as we looks towards how we are going to spread the Gospel. Right now, everyone is getting to know their neighbors, co-workers, and those who they most frequently come in contact with, be it the barber, barista, or bank teller. Pray that we would be faithful in our witness.
we all recently went to a pirates game. this stadium has one of the best city views I've seen!
they won in the FOURTEENTH inning, however, we left in the 9th to relieve our baby-sitter. I'm glad we didn't try to stay. :)

graham gets to spend lots of time with his friend Claire! They mostly just stare at each other right now. :)
g-man report...
We faced our first crisis in quite a while the past 2 weeks. it was called GROWTH SPURT. He decided that what he was getting from me was not near enough, so all of a sudden we were scrambling to also give him formula and feed him more & more & more & more... it's been quite stressful to know how much he should eat and when, etc...our perfectly smooth routine flew right out the window. :) It's slowly starting to calm down and hopefully we're getting past the worst of it! whew. it was exhausting!
He is getting very active and when we get him after a sleep, we never know what crazy position he is going to be in! he manages to scoot all around or even ends up on his belly.
but besides the crazy little life interruption, he is just our favorite baby in all the world! he is so happy all the time and we love to laugh and play with him! (we also realized we've only taken one picture of him since we've moved here. GASP!) we'll have to fix that. back to documenting his life hour by hour soon. :)


Jordan & Sue said...

SO exciting that Andrew got a job! Hopefully you'll find a happy new routine, too! :) Glad Graham doesn't have a PROBLEM eating, right? :) He'll be crawling out of that crib in no time- better watch it!

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

So glad to hear about the job(s)! I was just thinking and praying for you all about 10 minutes to hear the news is truly such an encouragement! Sorry and glad to hear about the growth spurt! They come about every 3 months that first year of life and can truly be so crazy! I can't believe Graham is almost 6 months old!! I'm so glad to hear about the market so close to your house...what a blessing:)!

Seth & Bethany Heijermans said...

It's so great to hear your updates! Looks like a great place to live. Graham is so stinkin' cute!

Danielle Peck said...

Glad to hear about Andrew's job and that settling in has gone well so far. Enjoying your pictures- Graham is just too cute.

Jessica Gardner said...

Its so cool to hear how fast God has answered your prayers about a job!!! That was fast.
I guess I have that to look forward to with growht spurts right! I hope it stays workig out ok. ;-)

jess said...

That g-man is too cute!! And he only gets cuter with each passing day! Those little munchkins keep us on our toes... you think you've got it all figured and just when you breath a sigh of relief they throw somthing else at you!!! Praise the Lord for Andrew's job - that's amazing, and it looks like you're having lots of fun getting settled. We'd love to come and visit you sometime!!

party of eight said...

kelly, he is so cute. he really is growing fast. i love that smile.

has the whole life change/move been overwhelming?

praise the Lord for a job. i'm sure that is encouraging.

love you kelly,


Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Glad to hear the Lord provided a job! Glad you are getting all settled in and enjoying your time there.