Wednesday, July 8

Welcome Home

I don't have a lot of time and boy, I sure have a lot to do...but here is a quick update!

-> We arrived safely. Many of you prayed specifically that Graham would travel well and not torture his mother out of boredom. prayers answered!! He did beautifully. I couldn't have asked more of him. We stopped twice and made the trip in about 9 hours. He was fussy maybe 10-15 minutes out of the whole trip, so praise God!

-> Andrew actually arrived ahead of us and my house was full of people & stuff by the time I got to see it! The house is wonderful, it is perfect for our needs and we thank God for it.

-> Also thanking God for the 2 separate groups of friends that helped us load & unload. They worked tirelessly and we certainly worked them all To. The. Bone. We moved from a 3-floor house to a 4-floor house - it doesn't get worse than that. :) Everyone was VERY kind to us.

-> We found out we actually live in Little Italy. How quaint is that?!! We love our little neighborhood and have met several of our neighbors who have all been so sweet. Our landlords, who live behind us, have also been wonderful!

-> So lots of unpacking to do! Our house looks like a war zone. We're starting with the living room, than hitting the kitchen tomorrow, and will work slowly upstairs after that!

-> Please continue to pray as Andrew starts some serious job-searching. Having an income would sure be a nice little bonus. :)

Thanks everyone for your love, help, & support!
We had a wonderful last week in VaBeach and a lot of special memories. We are thrilled with our new home & city and many new memories to come.
Hope to have some pics soon!


skB said...

oh, I've been thinking about you all day today--so glad to read your update and hear that things are going well! Can't wait to hear more!!

Sean and Charis said...

We are so happy your moving day went well! Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated. Love you guys!

Jessica Gardner said...

I'm so glad to hear things went well. keep us updated. and I will be praying for a job!

Jordan & Sue said...

I'm so glad the trip went well- I'm sure it already feels like home! Aren't you glad you like your house, too? :) Praying Andrew will find something quickly!