Tuesday, June 30

our final week [ sniff, sniff ]

Yep, this is what our garage looks like. whew. Andrew has carried all these boxes from the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd floors himself. He said he doesn't want to make it to too hard on those who are helping us load our truck. I think the whole point is that they come to HELP us!! But I'm sure they won't be complaining. :)

I got to share a fun girls meal with some good buddies. Poor graham was outnumbered, but he survived. Sure going to miss these gals as we head out to Pittsburgh, Portland, Wisconsin, and Canada!

We decided to go down to one car, so we sold our other one on Craig's List. It hasn't posed too many hassles, but occasionally I will have to take Andrew to work if I need the car. This was one of those days and I was running around trying to get us out the door so we could stay on schedule for Graham's nap. And I walk into our room and this is what I find. I just cracked up, how could I not? I was certainly not expecting to see this! Did I mention we were running behind... :) Dads do the craziest things!
Andrew's last week as a Fed-exer!
He is not sad. :) It has been a wonderful job for us and we are so thankful for God providing it. It gave us wonderful benefits and fit Andrew's school schedule perfectly. But now, he is REALLY ready for something new and we are praying that God will provide a new job for him soon. We got to take the Dolphin Cruise that has been rained out on our anniversary. It was such a fun tourist-y thing to do and we had a great time. And did see quite a few dolphins!

I am trying to not think too much about "last time for this or that", though I do want to enjoy them. We have breakfast with these friends, lunch with those friends, last hang-out time here & there...it's a pretty full week! Even though we are THRILLED to be heading to the 'Burgh, we sure are sad to leave so many wonderful friendships & memories behind.
I can't even think about Sunday being our last at our church without the waterworks starting. Andrew will have the privilege of preaching and we will say goodbye...or I prefer to think of it as - "see ya later". Our pastor asked me if I would like to say a few words and while I would love to express how much I love my church, it would sound something like this -
I am so thankful...blubber, blubber, blubber...I could never express...blubber, blubber, blubber...yeah, I think I'll have to pass on that. But know that I love you all!!
So as I should be cleaning out cabinets right now during naptime, I better get on with it!

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Jordan & Sue said...

Aww- This summer is going way too fast! I can't believe this Sunday will be your last... UG. You had BETTER keep in touch! :)