Wednesday, June 17

Celebrating God's Goodness, Part 2

This week (wednesday) we are also celebrating 4 years of marriage! What a lot we have learned, enjoyed, and experienced in these few short years!

June 17, 2005
happy wedding day!
After a wonderful, beautiful honeymoon in Puerta Vallerta, Mexico, we packed up a moving truck and moved from Minneapolis to Virginia Beach.
Andrew was starting seminary, we were moving into an apartment we had never seen, and he was jobless then as well! How God provided for us in that time of some major transitions and allowed us 4 wonderful years here in VB!
1st anniversary
Sunset Dinner Cruise on the Spirit of Norfolk
2nd anniversary
weekend trip to one of our favorite cities - DC
3rd anniversary
fondue at The Melting Pot
(we had also just found out we were expecting!)
4th anniversary
a 3rd little head has joined us!!
but don't worry, we are going out child-free :) thanks to our wonderful baby-sitter!!!
Andrew took his last vacation day and has a surprise day planned!! I can't wait to see what we're doing, but no matter, what it will be special to spend a fun day together!

thankful for marriage and my best friend - we have shared so many new, fun, interesting, difficult, exciting, uncertain, and wonderful times together! Anticipating many more to come, my love.


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!!!! It was so fun looking at your pictures. Hope your day is really special!

skB said...

aw, loved this post! And I love the song that was playing--I had never heard that one before! (I will be buying that one on i-tunes for sure:)

Happy Anniversary to you! And, thanks so much for coming to my shower last night--it was such a fun night!

jeileenbaylor said...

Happy Anniversary - and Congratulations! Hope you had a blast :)