Thursday, June 18

so here's what we did

Cape Henry Lighthouse, and yes, we walked to the top!

good thing we're in good health :)
big bummer, part of Andrew's original plan - go on a dolphin-watching cruise - was canceled because of the weather. :( Apparently the ocean was too choppy. we hope to try for it another day before we move! So instead, we took the cardio intense plan B :) and drove up the shoreline and climped to the top of the Cape Henry Lighthouse. (around 200 stairs total!) it was very beautiful!
just some of the stairs!

this is the current lighthouse that is in use.

We then enjoyed walking around downtown Norfolk and then dinner at Freemason Abbey Restaurant. Then it was back to rescue our baby-sitter after 6 hours! Thank you so much, Sue, you made our day!
Freemason Abbey Restaurant - an old church that was converted.
such a fun day - thanks for a wonderful anniversary, babe, and for planning to make it so special.


Jordan & Sue said...

Looks like such a fun day- I forget how many cool "local" things there are to do! Elyse wants Graham to come back and play some time, but maybe we'll just have to visit Pittsburgh! :)

Anneke said...

Looks like fun! We ate at Freemason Abbey this past winter during Restaurant Week. We loved it!

Glad you enjoyed your anniversary baby-free! :)